Helping you understand what you "agree" to


Ever tried reading those irritatingly long software licenses and terms of services? Too crazy an idea, right? Based on the summarization techniques of NLP we have built the web application delic (delicenser) which can possibly ignore all the irrelevant content in such licenses and solely focus on the issues of importance.


  1. delic tends to ignore text such as "Software means - - - " or "You agree to pay all taxes - - - ".

  2. delic highlights text such as "We can also share your email address with . . ." or "We can use your content and information for marketing or promotional purposes . . .", "We can sell your information..."


Very simple!

  1. Go to the delic webpage and now you can copy paste the text of the license, provide it as text file or pdf file, and then submit it for delicensification.
  2. What you get is a navigation panel made of color-coded circles on the left, on which you can click and thus make the corresponding text highlighted and also automatically scroll down to it.
  3. You also have the optional last circle which you can click to highlight all the important points and then manually scroll through the content. You will also see a piechart of various categories of issues that the license discusses.